Cael E. Neathamer, Vice-President, Professional Land Surveyor (PLS 56545)


Cael has over twenty-seven years of land surveying experience, is an Oregon Registered Professional Land Surveyor (issued in 2001), and maintains licensing by receiving at least thirty hours of Continuing Professional Development per renewal period.  His surveying experience includes the following:

  • Boundary
  • Topographic
  • Horizontal and vertical control networks
  • High accuracy monitoring surveys
  • Over twenty-four years of experience in Geodetic related surveys and the utilization and application of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment
  • Construction surveying service projects
  • Floodplain boundaries, Elevation Certificates
  • GIS Applications and mapping

Cael utilizes his training and experience to manage and work closely with staff, incorporating the standards, procedures and protocols that have been developed over time, in field data acquisition, data processing/quality control checks, mapping and project management, allowing projects to flow in an efficient and professional manner.  Cael has been involved with Southern Oregon Home Builders Association, the Rogue Basin Utility Coordinating Council, the Rogue River Chapter of Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon (past-president), and the Oregon GPS Users Group (past secretary).