Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in your property by knowing and marking your boundaries is a good idea, especially to avoid any future conflicts regarding the use of your land.  Make sure you have a land survey completed before:

  • You sell your home or land
  • You buy your home or land
  • Land is divided by a will
  • You develop or subdivide your land
  • You construct a building, fence or other improvements
  • A boundary line dispute arises

Our team at NSI is fully prepared to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your surveying needs.

The cost of a land survey is dependent on several different factors:

  • Previously recorded deeds and Surveys
  • Size of the property
  • Type of survey being done
  • Purpose of the survey
  • Number and size of improvements on the property
  • Terrain of the property

Due to the varying costs of a survey, we offer free quotes. Request your free quote here!

  • The scope of what you are needing done
  • Address & phone number
  • Are you on any time constraints?
  • Any information about disagreements over the location of boundaries of the land
  • The abstract and title option if available or if required by the land surveyor

Once you are prepared to move forward, NSI will be happy to walk you through the process step by step to help you feel at ease.

Land surveying can be thought of as the science of taking big measurements. In short it is the use of geometry to measure angles and alignments. Local surveyors use survey equipment to gather data can be used to help with construction projects, land development & creating accurate maps.

When your Land Survey is in full swing, our staff at NSI will take care of every detail that your project will need.

Only a licensed professional land surveyor may provide a legal land survey and create or modify boundaries or easements. Professionals must be licensed through the state the property is located in. Oregon Surveyors are licensed through the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying (OSBEELS). For more information on OSBEELS go to

The on-site survey is only a small part of the complete land survey. Before a crew can head to the field, a research of the property, and if possible, the adjoining property is required. After the research and on-site surveying, further work may be required depending on the job. Accurate surveys require well prepared mapping.

Rest assured, NSI works diligently to maintain knowledge and communication within your land surveying investment.

To accurately locate a property, a surveyor may have to spread their search out a few parcels either way in order to collect enough boundary evidence and data to accurately establish the property boundaries. Many times, a property is tied into adjoining properties and the location of the boundaries of adjoining properties are needed to determine the subject property boundaries.

Attention to detail is our approach at NSI.